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Marlyn Miranda

Broker Realtor®

Marlyn Miranda has been working with aspiring home owners, home owners and sellers for over 20 years, as a housing educator, facilitator, and Realtor®. Marlyn enjoys helping others achieve their goals by listening, learning and implementing the knowledge and experience acquired over the years, personalized to meet their needs. As Broker/owner of M Realty, LLC, her leadership adopts a whole-istic approach to address the diverse needs of clients, with solutions for buyers, renters, sellers, and even investors. The comprehensiveness of the services offered by the M Realty team has made the company an innovative go-to real estate solutions provider for individuals, families and businesses in and around the Hartford County area.  For Marlyn, life learning and sharing abound within the God/spiritual, family, music and various supportive realms; helping and seeing others succeed and working toward a greater whole, fuel her passions and callings. Find out how Marlyn may best assist you today.

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